Friday, February 10, 2012

Revit MEP Connectors

Connectors is what makes Revit MEP different than all the other flavors of Revit. They collect and pass information about system types and flows of air, fluid, and electricity. They can also be really confusing and have a ton of data behind them. More than I can pack into a single post.

To help provide the best information I am providing links to the places I have gone over the years to figure it out.

#1 Martin Schmid's AU class back in 2008 is still very valid and incredibly comprehensive. Thanks to the Building Coder for posting it online.
Getting into the Flow: Understanding Connectors in Revit MEP Content

#2 Steve Stafford Revit OpEd blog. Yeah, he is the man.
Revit MEP Connectors Go With the Flow

#3 Shawn Zirbes wrote ab article for AEC Bytes
Get Your Families Connected

#4 DC CADD has a PDF on
Creating Parametric Families in Revit MEP, This is a great first family for young MEP types.

#5 Scott Brisk has listed everything about connectors on his Blog Revit MEP
Revit MEP Family Editor

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